Quality & metrology

TREVIS FASTENERS meets your quality management requirements and supports its customers in their most demanding projects, internally or entrusted to independent organisations.

As such, our company is certified according to ISO 9001 Version 2015 for the following activities:

Manufacture of bolts and special products by machining and rolling
Long drilling
Trading of fasteners
Our certificate is available on request in French, English and German

Metrological control laboratory
In order to ensure the greatest precision and meet the highest requirements, TREVIS FASTENERS has acquired the best metrological and profilometric control tools on the market.

This high-performance equipment guarantees controlled manufacturing and optimal assembly of our equipment on our customers’ equipment.

Profilometric checks


Profilometric checks

qualité et metrologie

Graphic representation of the implantation part of an M56 stud with a pitch of 4 (report available on request)