Large capacity rolling

Continually investing in its production tool, TREVIS FASTENERS is today capable of producing your parts by rolling very large diameters.

Our new rolling machine, with a maximum capacity of 120t/cm², is able to produce threads by cold plastic deformation up to a diameter of M200 in 6mm pitch in all materials: treated steel, stainless steel, exotic grades, titanium and others.

We can also intervene in subcontracting or in complete supply according to your requirements.

A unique capacity and skill in Europe allowing our teams to produce your complex assemblies to the highest level of requirement.

Custom drilling

Equipped with high-performance equipment, TREVIS FASTENERS carries out your deep drillings in complete supply or on a contract basis :

– Great length up to 1m
– High precision in straightness and concentricity
– Possibility of drilling from Ø6mm to Ø21mm
– Drilling possible on any type of material ranging from Ø10mm to Ø100mm